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Recovering From Losses

online casino roulette Whether you frequent the gambling saloons or simply go on special occasions I am sure you have either been a part of or have seen someone suffer a bad run. Some days you hit the tables or slots and just can’t get lucky. As gamblers, our fatal flaw is that once we start it becomes hard to stop and before you know it you can be burning quite a sizeable hole in your wallet.

If you have the money to spend, losing a couple thousand dollars is no big issue, but for those of us with tight wallets losing that kind of money can become a major setback. Simply telling you to stop before you dig yourself a big hole is easier said than done so it is important that you learn how to recover from the losses you may have incurred during your last trip to the saloon.

Play Smart

If your last trip to the gambling saloon really didn’t turn out like you had planned and you ended up losing a lot of money, do not make the same mistake on your follow up trip. Once you return you should keep the memory of your losses at the forefront of your mind because the quicker you forget about the past the more likely you are to repeat it.

While playing games, whether they be slots or table games, start small and work your way up. Starting at high stakes can mean a short night, especially if you are having a bad run. By working your way up to higher stakes you can help catch yourself slipping before you have another night of huge losses. Playing smart may seem like pretty simple instructions, but once you are out on the floor your mind may get a little cloudy and the thought of safety goes completely to the wayside. Consciously keep track of the money you are carrying with you, including what you started with and what you are currently retaining. Before you start playing you could also set a spending limit and only carry with you an amount of money that you would be comfortable with doing away with. Once you start playing with money that is intended for bills, gifts, or other necessities is always a mistake because once you lose that money getting it back becomes a nightmare and can even cause you to increase your losses further.

Stay Away from the Saloon

For some people, giving up going to the saloons cold turkey can be a bit of a struggle and is not as easy as it sounds but staying away is an integral part in not running up a huge gambling deficit. To help yourself avoid going to the saloon too often, set up scheduled dates and times where you make special trips instead of going on a daily basis or whenever you get the urge to play poker or blackjack.

Let friends or family members know about your scheduled trips so that they can help prevent you from visiting the gambling places on days where you shouldn’t be. This may seem like a bit of a drastic move but for some folks it is very necessary to help them not blow all their money at the felt tables. By having friends and family monitor your visits and how often you make them, you will have a solid support system that is as close to fail proof as you can get.

Hone Your Skills

Yet another way to avoid/recover from money losses is to develop your skills at skill-based games such as poker and blackjack. Instead of bouncing around from different games, pick one game and get better at it. A good poker player doesn’t waste his or her time with blackjack or slots so if you are trying to get better at poker you shouldn’t either. While other games are enticing and the thought of doubling your money on a spin of roulette may be nice, you have to realize that more times than not you won’t double your money; in fact you will likely lose and end up in a bigger hole than the one you started off in.

For poker players a great way to hone your playing skills is by participating in tournaments as they happen. Nearly every place that offers table games has tournaments that run on a fairly regular basis. Tournaments are a good way to avoid heavy losses because you pay a one time entry fee instead of playing with your own bankroll the entire time like you would do at the regular poker tables. Also, tournaments are played at different stake levels so you can doubly hone your skills by playing at tournaments that suit your level of skill. After you play at one level for a while and excel, then you can advance through the ranks until you are playing at the highest, most competitive level.

Don’t Make the Same Mistake Twice

As humans we do a lot of things without even realizing it. At the saloon, we have a lot of little habits that we form that may be attributing to our losses and we do not even know that it is happening. In certain situations we may make stupid decisions or bet absurd amounts of money that you would not have done when viewing the situation in retrospect.

By critically analyzing your habits you can find defects in your playing style and formulate a plan to avoid making these little, but costly, mistakes. If you get good enough at avoiding mistakes you will not have to worry about recovering from casino losses because there will not be any losses to recover from.

At the end of the day a little bit of awareness is all you need to help you recover from losses. Do not let the allure of the drag you in and do not let a gambling addiction take over the way you think because if you do, you will be broke in no time.

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The Rules OF Internet Poker

poker, rouletteIf you are lucky enough to visit Las Vegas, Nevada in your lifetime you will quickly see what all the hype is about. The city of Las Vegas is spectacular enough, but take one step inside one of the saloons and you will quickly begin to realize why it is one of the premier gambling destinations on the planet.

Playing poker at the tables in Las Vegas can be a great experience too, especially if you are there when it comes time for the annual World Series of Poker which is held in LV every single year. When online gaming came around in 1994, the need for online poker came to the forefront in only a matter of a year or two. What first started out as a few internet websites that offer online poker has turned into hundreds and thousands of sites, some of which are entirely dedicated to poker. Nowadays, the poker that you can play online is almost exactly like the poker you play, the only exception being that you aren’t physically sitting with your opponents.


When you are looking for an place to play that offers poker, your main concern should be about the game itself and the site that is offering it. In order to get the full experience when playing online you are going to want to find the site that has the best gameplay. Gameplay can mean a number of different things not limited to and including graphics, download speed, and speed of the game. These are just a few of the things that you should take into consideration before picking a particular site to play at.

Now you might be wondering just how you go about finding out all this information without actually signing up and depositing on a particular site. The way to do it is to check player reviews online because there are plenty that exist. If, for some reason, you cannot find a review for a particular poker room, then I would advise you to stay away from that site because it is either too new or not popular enough to even have player reviews.

Player Traffic

Online poker when playing can be a great way to get better at the game and even prepare you to play at the real tables in places like Vegas and Atlantic City. Something to look into before playing any online poker is what sites have the best daily, weekly, and monthly player traffic numbers.

Obviously, the more players that there are on a site, the more games and active tables there are for you to choose from. If you are a player that picks a site which doesn’t really focus on poker, you can expect to have a tough time finding games, and when you do find one you will have a hard time keeping a full table, or even a table at all. All sorts of different sites offer reports on certain sites player traffics and just like finding accurate and extensive player reviews, it can be done with a simple Google search.

Player traffic numbers change and are effected by a number of different things which include the age of the site, the type of promotions that are being offered,  and the bonuses for new and existing players. These and other factors play a big role in just how well a site does in terms of player traffic. Just like anything else, the traffic that a site sees fluctuates and while a website may be doing great one month, they can just as easily struggle during the next month.

Skill Levels

If an internet gambling establishment is going to be offering poker as part of their game selection, then they will likely have a number of different stake levels. Stake levels might as well be synonymous with skill level because typically, the higher level of poker that you play, the better at poker you are. Paying attention to what skill level you are playing at is important because if you are a new player and you throw yourself into high stakes poker, you can expect to be eaten alive.

Low and micro stakes are typically the most crowded stake levels on most sites because not every player out there plays daily or is exceptionally gifted at playing poker. If you are new to a site and new to the game of poker in general, starting off at the micro stakes level would not be a bad idea because you can limit your losses all while learning the fine points of online poker. If you are doing well and excelling at the skill level you are currently at, move up and take on some tougher opponents. Dominating players on the micro stakes level is fine, but it is extremely difficult to earn any type of respectable income whilst playing at micro stakes.


Banking has never been easier than it is nowadays. Most sites offer a wide variety of payment options including credit card, bank transfer, and e wallets like PayPal and MoneyBookers. With most forms of payment, depositing funds happens immediately and the second you make a deposit, you can begin to play.

When attempting to cash out there are a few more steps you should be sure of before following through with the cash out. For one, make sure that you do not have any uncleared bonus funds laying around in your bankroll. This must be said because if you have bonus money that is still unable to be cashed out, the site you are playing at may levy a penalty against your bankroll. Also, a decent amount of sites require you to cash out a minimum amount. This means, for example, that if you have $100 you would like to withdraw but the minimum withdrawal amount is $300, you will be unable to receive your funds until you have the appropriate amount of cash.

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Best Gambling Strategies

strategy for casino playersAny goer knows that strategy plays a big role in most of the games that you play. Some games rely on strategy more than others but having and executing a proper game plan will put you on the fast track to eliminating your opponents as well as earning cash for yourself. To truly understand the strategy of certain games the only thing you can do is to get out there and practice, but before the practice must come learning.

Keep in mind that over the course of your internet casino playing career you will hear about a thousand different strategies and ways to attack a game, your task is to find the one that fits with your playing style the most. For example, if you are a bad bluffer in poker, attempting to continuously bluff players at a table will not work and probably end up backfiring upon you as experienced players can spot a bluffer quite easily. Below we will discuss a bit of strategy in some of the most popular games.

Poker Strategy

Whilst playing games online, you will quickly come to realize that poker is a game that should be a genre in and of itself. The reason I say this is because online poker is so big that some sites are solely dedicated to the game. Especially in recent years, online poker is growing to a point where many thought it would never reach. If you are thinking about joining the gaming revolution then you should seriously consider attempting a few games of online poker.

Playing poker online is so different than playing in person because of the obvious fact that you are staring at a computer screen instead of the face of your opponent. Being in the privacy of your own homes means that bluffing takes on a whole new look and while your opponents are unable to attempt to crack your poker face, other signs give away the fact that you are trying to bluff a player out of a pot.

Knowing when to bluff and when to lay off is a facet of online poker that any good player will master. Bluffing is great because it gives you the ability to trick players into thinking that you have a great hand when really all you have is crap. If you bluff every hand (or most hands) it will become obvious because very few players get that many good hands so consistently. If this happens, players will begin to call your bluffs and you will end up not only looking stupid but also losing a bunch of money too. This is why you should pepper your bluffs instead of completely saturating them. If you bluff once successfully, then maybe you should lay off until you get a good hand. Once you get a good hand you can make moves like you are bluffing and hopefully draw other players in. Once all the other players are convinced you are bluffing, lay down the iron and let their own plan backfire upon them.

Know how to Handle Your Money

When playing, and specifically poker, knowing how to handle your money is a big part of staying alive in cash games and even tournaments. All too often players with big bankrolls view that bankroll as a pillow and even though they keep losing, the prospect of having a decent amount of money in the bank keeps them going.

The same advice that is offered to long distance runners can be given to those grinding it out; pace yourself. Stick to a certain pace and play a certain number of hands, have it planned out beforehand. If you go into playing at a poker table blind, you will end up letting your emotions take over and that can lead to a plethora of ill-advised bets; the last thing a player wants.

Another way to avoid running through all your money is to set a spending limit. Take only a certain amount to a certain game. If you bring your whole bankroll to a game of Blackjack or to a particular slot game you will likely lose track of your funds and before you know it your bankroll can be significantly diminished.

Slots Aren’t Everything

Too many players have an affinity for slots. While playing slots every now and then is fun and can even be a profitable venture, slots aren’t the way to go if you are looking to make a lot of money.

Slots are so dangerous to a player’s bankroll because they draw players in and those same players never look back. For example, at a cash game of poker you only take a certain amount of money with you to the table and it is typically not your entire bankroll. With slots, you are not typically allowed to bring only a certain amount of money to the online machine, rather, you simply dip into your overall bankroll. A few hours on the slot machines and you will see just how fast a person can run through their money.

Online slots do have big payouts, there is no doubt about that, but the payouts are few and far between and while a site might brag about their $1,000,000 winner, they neglect to inform you about the hundred people that wasted all their money attempting to win that same prize.

The strategy that goes into playing may seem obvious in a lot of instances, but it is only obvious now that I am telling you. Too many players overlook these obvious bits of information and end up making stupid mistakes that hurt them majorly. With a little bit of wherewithal and attention to detail, you can take full advantage of your time as a player. This is just a little bit of strategy, in reality there is a lot more that you can and should know before playing.